1. Research shows that schools in which Art programs are offered also have better performance for their students in math and science.  (The Report of the NASBE Study Group on the Lost Curriculum)
  2. The Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman developed cancer in his hands from the use of oil paints.  Research has shown that artists that use oil paint have a higher rate of cancer than the general public.  So as artists we need to be careful around oil paint.  Use gloves, be careful about painting inside without good ventilation,  and let paintings dry in a well ventilated environment.
  3.  Art can be expensive.  One of the most expensive paintings sold at auction was In February 2015.   It was a a painting by Paul Gaugin and was reported to have been sold for $300 million US.  It was a Painting of two Tahitian women.
  4.  One of the greatest art forgers of all time was John Myatt an artist and teacher from the UK.  He served time for his crime and now teaches artists how to paint like the masters.  You can read about his career as a forger and some of what he painted here.
  5. Acrylic paint was first invented in 1934 and then produced commercially in the early 1950’s.  You can find more detailed information about acrylics here.