Many artist want to photograph their own art.  Often these photos are then used on internet web pages, rack cards and other marketing materials used by the artist.

Sadly the resulting images are often badly taken, poorly lighted, crooked, out of focus and sometimes have light glare reflected from the artwork.

This happens because most artist are great at their art, but badly prepared to take good photos of their hard work.

The first here of the wheat field on the right has poor lighting and an obvious reflection.  The shadows are also much too dark and the art is crooked.

The second work of the landscape, has its color completely washed out because of bad lighting and it also is not straight.  And this work has another painting showing behind it.  Not the way to show your work.


This image, a still life of some art supplies is much better.  It is straight, no reflections on the artwork and the colors are not washed out.  Also there are not other outside background images showing in the artwork.

The following are two good videos on taking good photographs of your art work. They are very basic and do not require a lot of photography supplies.

These are simple techniques that use basic equipment.  Watch them and try their suggestions.  You should get much better photos of your work.