Charcoal sketches

Charcoal sketches

Miramichi Art Core has a wide variety of artists.  Some have been painting, drawing and doing other visual art projects for a long period of time.  However, some artist are relatively new.

Artist information, including their background, media preferences and other details shared by the individual artist will be soon available on our site.

New artists are always welcome.  If you are just starting or have been involved in art for some time you are welcome to become a member of our group.

If you plan to join the group you might want to put together a similar Information Bio of yourself as an artist.  Then when you decide to take part in our gallery and other projects you will already have a Bio that we can share with the artistic community.  Probably 500 words is about the maximum for inclusion on the site, even though your actual print Bio may be some what longer.  What works best is a highlight of your interests, preferred medium and a brief overview of your experiences.

You can complete our membership form HERE.  We will get back to you quickly.