Art discussion

Art discussion for new project

Art Core has a new team working on the website.

  • David Walsh (Vice president) ,
  • Sonja Mahabir (Marketing and promotion),
  • Pauline Matchett (Marketing and promotion), and
  • Terry Matthews (Marketing and Promotion)

We already had one workshop and spent the day learning about on-line web development.  Soon we will have someone able to capture videos and do post production as well.  Our new website will have several people now contributing to content.  Also we will soon have a regular Art Core newsletter.  Actually we will have 2 newsletters – one for our members and another for the general public that would like to receive an Art Newsletter from our group.

Hopefully the members newsletter will sent on a regular basis (at least once a month).  The Newsletter for non-members will be sent every 2 months.

More is coming.

Your Marketing and Promotion team.


Find things!