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Cathleen Richards-Green (President)

Cathleen Richards Green

Cathleen Richards Green

I studied Freehand Drawing, Life Drawing, Two Dimensional Design, Printmaking and Art History while living in the United States from 1974 to 1980 attending colleges in California and North Carolina.

I live in Miramichi, NB, drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of the Miramichi River Valley and surrounding areas. It’s a simple landscape, but the river at its center is my mystical muse. Every day is an adventure for the eyes and soul. Sitting to watch the magical light of morning, and late evening never fails to deliver that desire to paint. If I was unable to travel anywhere else to paint, this area would offer endless inspiration. Art isn’t about where you are…but how you see. I’m in love with changing light and the moods it elicits and I hope I’m able to capture just a bit of that in my paintings, many now done on location. I work in many mediums…from graphite, pen & ink, acrylic, watercolor and pastel, but my main love is oils and the landscape.

I’ve been a member of the Miramichi Art Core since its inception

My work has been on exhibit at

  • Richie Wharf Gallery in Newcastle, Miramichi NB
  • Beaverbrook Art Gallery Fredericton, NB
  • Carrefour Beausoleil Gallery in Newcastle, Miramichi
  • Water Street Gallery in Chatham, Miramichi

My work is in many private collections in Canada and the US.

Email: info@cathleenrichardsgreen.com

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Wendy Matthews (Vice President)

Artist Wendy Matthews

Wendy Matthews

Wendy is a retired school teacher.  After Teachers College she completed Arts and Education degrees. Having taught for 23 years at Harkins Junior High School she moved to North and South Esk Elementary from where she retired in 2000.  Along the way she taught various academic subjects, special education and a few elementary art classes.  She has been painting for over 15 years.  For many years Wendy’s interest in art was an observer.  She enrolled in a tole painting course thinking this was a hobby she might like.  Her interest in tole painting and folk art soon turned to an interest in watercolours.  She and a small group of fellow painters took watercolour lessons from Carla Collette for many years.  With this small and dedicated group, she explored other mediums including oil and chalk pastels and acrylics. During one fall term, Wendy traveled to Fredericton to take an introductory course in watercolours at UNB.  She has also spent several winters taking classes in oils from Robert Stevens.   Most recent works are done in acrylic or watercolour. Wendy paints at the studio she and her husband Terry have built in Whitney.

Rick Mullin (Secretary)

rick mullin bio picBorn in Brantford Ontario and we moved to the Miramichi area when I retired in 2011.

We began exploring our new home Province of  New Brunswick by hiking to some of the waterfalls ( there are over 200) and began to appreciate all of the beauty to be found here.

I started painting in 2014 and took acrylic classes from Terry Matthews.

My wife’s nature photography provides me with the inspiration and subjects of almost all of my paintings, usually local landscapes and birds.  I am also a  member of the Miramichi Art Core artist association.


Sonja Mahabir (Treasurer – Marketing and Promotion)

girl taking photoSonja was born and raised in the St. Stephen area where she sketched all her life.  Her father, Ronald Campbell, was an avid painter and drawer.

In 1997, Sonja married a man who was from Miramichi, where they eventually settled and are raising 2 children.

In the last several years she has explored various mediums in art.  Just recently she has become involved in the Miramichi Art Core Association.

Linda Gallant (Past President)

Linda Gallant

Linda Gallant

Linda Gallant swore that in her retirement she would do all the things she wanted to do but couldn’t when she was working full time and raising a family. While that is the sentiment of many women, Linda has managed to do just that.  In January 2008, Linda went back to school to audit the life drawing class at NBCC Miramichi with Geordie Millar and you are viewing the result. The classes have given her a new lease on life. She goes out with her digital camera and sketch book, ready to jot down ideas she will work on later in her studio in Neguac.
Linda was born in Montreal. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Sir George Williams University, now Concordia, by attending seven years of night and Summer courses. During that time, she taught in the public school system for the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. Quebec’s politics and the language laws that Bill 101 imposed soon restricted the enrollment of immigrant children and Linda could see the writing on the wall. It wouldn’t be long before the English system would be compromised and the choices for an art specialist severely curtailed. So with the full support of her husband, the Gallants moved away from the big city bustle of dual income, regimented day care routines and suburban commutes to a more laid back family centered way of life. In 1985, they settled in a small French (how ironic!) fishing village and have never looked back.
The teaching assignment in Newcastle became the job of a lifetime. For six years, Linda was the District Art Coordinator and taught in ten schools on a regular basis as the itinerant art teacher. When that position was abolished she returned to the classroom teaching art at Miramichi Valley for the last eleven years of her career.

Nancy Grey-Legere

Nancy Grey-Legere

Nancy Grey-Legere

I’m a 32 year old self taught artist, living in Miramichi. I started when I was a teenager.  I would watch Bob Ross on TV all the time and would try to figure out his techniques on doing landscapes. Spent long hours practicing, over and over, to try and get it right.  I’m also a full time paramedic and enjoy this peaceful time, creating beautiful art. Been painting for the last 8 years with oils.

Today I enjoy trying new challenges and paint things i usually wouldn’t.  I paint landscapes, animals and native art. I have a face-book page called ‘Oiled creations by Nancy GL’ where I put all my paintings up for people to see and share.

I enjoy seeing other artists and the different types of mediums they use. Everyone is unique and that makes it special. Painting is my passion!

Terry Matthews (Website and Promotion)

terry plein air painting

Terry Matthews

Terry has been painting for over 30 years.  Several years ago Terry opened an art studio in Whitney, NB where he paints and teaches art classes and workshops.

He paints representational art, mostly in oils. However, recent works are in acrylics or mixed media, using acrylics as a staining and oils as the completing medium.  He paints a wide range of subject matter including landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, still life, and anything that captures his interest.  His works are mostly New Brunswick landscapes and wildlife. Terry spends some time painting outside in the weather – “Plein Air”  He was a visiting artist at the Lunenburg, NS “Paint on sea” Plein air session in 2008 and 2009 and had taken part in Plein Air festivals in Bathurst and the Miramichi,
Terry is a member of the Publicity and Promotions Committee of Miramichi Art Core, an association of Miramichi artist interested in promoting fine art in the region.  He also has developed the Association website,  His art has been exhibited at The Ritchie Wharf Gallery, the Artist Kave Gallery, and the Carrefour Beausoleil Gallery.

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Gloria Savoie


Gloria Savoie

As an artist, I am interested in creating artwork that tells the Miramichi story. The Cultural Wall Mural, entitled, ‘The River is Who We Are’ commissioned by Rogers’ Television, Miramichi Associate Producer, Matt Maher and Producer, Stacey Sarchfield and the First Nations Eagle Collage, entitled ‘Dream Catcher’, commissioned by School District 16 Superintendent, Peggy Mitchell, for Miramichi Valley High School, gave me an opportunity to become familiar with primary records related to this interest. The Historical Wall Murals, entitled ‘Timber and Tall Ship The Birth of a Community’ and ‘Daily Life in the Early Miramichi River Townships’, generously funded by the New Brunswick Arts Board in 2007 and 2009,  featured artistic renderings, depicting the Miramichi River townships and its’ citizens in the early 1900’s, employing Historical photographs, kindly provided by the New Brunswick Provincial Archives, through their Miramichi representative, Cyril Donahue also offered an opportunity to convey a  fresh expression to the remarkable snapshots of these formative years

My artistic work is very much influenced by my involvement in Yoga and my lifelong commitment to this highly disciplined science. I see artistic expression not only as a source of personal development and a means for a virtuous response to creation but also as a classy vehicle to promote the oneness of humanity through cultural sharing of our diverse creative capacities. I believe attention and care to the present is the place of our utmost power, a position from which we can direct our own best energy, and a site from which our response to the universe is true and positive.  I believe the elevated consciousness that comes through the practice of Yoga frees one from conformity, and expands one’s imagination to a place of intuition, where creativity can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.   Gloria is a past Secretary of the Miramichi Art Core Association

Jayashree Rai

Jayshree Rai

Jayshree Rai

Jayashree  who is originally from India  is a graduate of science and Fine Arts  . However  her true  vocation has always  been  towards the Arts; for which she has born an interest from an early age .  In 1966 she won the State Gold Medal Award in Fine Arts, and continued  to pursue her passion under the guidance of expert  art teachers in India. Jayashree has also  won  many open art competitions in various  exhibitions in her city Mangalore India. It was around this same time that she also began teaching Art.

After her marriage , Jayashree has lived in England for five years, and Germany for Eight .  During this time  she continued to develop her interest in Art by studying various media. Her perseverance and constant studies in the development of the local environment brought in contact with many other fine artist in both countries and she continued to exhibit her paintings in numerous private galleries with wonderful success.

In 1985 Jayashree moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband and two daughters. Jayshree again continued her passion for Art as well as art as a  profession with full swing. Taking part in  several group shows and  “solo”  exhibition she displayed  her works in several private art galleries in Riyadh The Capital. In Riyadh  She worked as a Art teacher in  prestigious Art institution  , also was a private Art instructor to local students , and remained very active as a freelance Artist .  In  1992 , one of Jayashree’s  Artworks , The” Falconer”  was selected as a UNICEF  greeting card.

Jayshree works with all mediums and enjoys experimenting with  many different techniques, however she has penchant for watercolour, and through her subtle and free flowing style. she has been able to capture the mood of her subjects with great success. Her keen observation and admiration for the local life style and traditions of Riyadh  have allowed her to create many of her Arabic masterpieces.  In Riyadh her paintings were become treasured  collections with in the kingdom as well as internationally.

In 2007 Jayshree moved to Miramichi New Brunswick Canada, . After moving from country to country Jayashree  tells ” when I land in a new land the very first thing I do is collect all the information about Art and artist of that land. Then I meet them,take part with their activities and   gather information,  and from there I move on “,   That is exactly what Jayshree has done in Miramichi.  Today she is the member of Art core Miramichi,  She has her artist friends she can paint with and her  passion that never failed. She takes part in the local art activities, gallery shows and is reasonably successful with her artwork locally and internationally too.

Kathy Jardine of Vintage River Art
Kathy Jardine

I am a local mixed media artist who draws inspiration from the stories, songs, and family culture of the Maritimes. I look for beauty in the ordinary.

In 2014, I began creating miniature fishing villages from driftwood. In that gray, weathered wood that litters our shores I began to “see” old sheds, fishing shacks, wharfs, boats, and lobster traps. Stored in my memory were coastal snapshots of my childhood years on the Acadian Peninsula and later, the shores of the Miramichi. My desire was to recapture the rustic character and beauty of those long-forgotten places. To date, I have made and sold over one hundred pieces. Each piece is a labour of love and a small tribute to the hardworking people of our rural communities.

I also enjoy painting abstract nature scenes in acrylics. My background in horticulture and landscaping have always influenced my love of the wild side of the Maritimes and the “ordered” one of the home garden.

Judy RogersJudy Rogers

Personal Profile
Judy Rogers lives on Miramichi Bay. She attended the N.B school of Craft and Design and enjoys making Driftwood art ,quilting,gardening and watercolour painting.

I have had a lifelong interest and involvement with craft and design. I attended the New Brunswick School of Craft and Design in 1972-73. I was a full time craftsperson for many years, first as a stained glass artist and then 15 years designing and producing dough ornaments through my “Dough Creations” business.

I have always been particularly interested in the design process and enjoy expressing my creativity in a variety of mediums. I have also worked with fabric all my life and enjoy creating original quilts and mixed fabric art pieces.

I have taken a few painting courses over the years and now paint regularly with water colours.

The creative potential of driftwood is the latest idea to capture my attention which has led me to what I call my “Drifters”. I am drawn by the natural beauty and amazingly diverse variety of driftwood and other flotsum which washes up on our shores.
I keep the materials I use as natural and untreated as possible to maintain the shaping and beauty wrought by mother nature



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